Going Ballistic 2017 – Umarex Gauntlet and H&N 22 Cal Hornet

Going Ballistic 2017! Small Bore Lethality brought to you by H&N Pellets - Umarex Gauntlet .22, .22 Terminator, 22 Cal Hornet

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The new Umarex Gauntlet is a gun that’s been needed for quite some time.  It takes all the advanced features found in guns over $1000 and brings them down into a package that retails for just under $300.  With 100 yard target accuracy and 50 yard hunting accuracy and power, the Umarex Gauntlet is certain to be a favorite with a lot of airgunners.  Getting the most out of its potential requires using the right pellet.  When you are talking hunting lethality, H&N is where you want to be.  We’ll take a look at how the H&N Terminator and H&N Hornets do in this episode of Going Ballistic!

It’s a great time to be an airgunner!

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