Hatsan Barrage and Bullmaster Semi-Auto PCPs

Hatsan Barrage and Bullmaster New Semi-Auto PCPs from Hatsan USA - Game Changing Ariguns! - Video by AirgunWebTV

Please scroll down for more information about Hatsan Barrage and Bullmaster. It's a great time to be an airgunner!

The Hatsan Barrage and Bullmaster semi-auto PCPs are Hatsan USA’s contributions to this game changing year for airguns.  We’ve known they were coming and now they are finally here.  These are true semi-automatic airguns that put power, shot count and accuracy into the hands of shooters that have long wanted viable semi-automatic airguns that can be used for small game hunting.  But like always, Hatsan wasn’t done by a long shot.  They also introduced a new CO2 pistol called the Riptor, Several new break barrels and improvements to existing lines of PCPs and Vortex powered airguns.  Hatsan certainly did not disappoint airgunners this year at Shot Show 2017.  It really is a great time to be an airgunner!

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