Predator International GTO Pellets

Predator International GTO Pellets at SHOT SHOW 2017 - GTO Lead Free Hunting Pellets / .35 cal Polymags! - by AirgunWebTV

Please scroll down for more information about Predator International GTO Pellets. It's a great time to be an airgunner!

Predator International has been making “extra” lethal airgun pellets since I can remember.  Their Polymag pellets were some of the first of their kind.  They’ve continued that practice, expanding to new styles, sizes, and of course, calibers.  This year they launch their .35 cal Polymag which should become a new standard for lethal big bore pellets.

Predator International also address other industry needs however.  When they heard about more scholastic shooting programs getting canceled because of Lead pellets, they started working on creating a truly viable alternative that would stand toe to toe with match grade lead ammo.  Their GTO match pellets met that need and continues to be the goto pellet for more and more school shooting programs.  But, they did not stop there.  Answering the call for accurate and effective lead free hunting pellets, Predator International has created their GTO domed pellet.  These lead free pellets will compete on part with traditional lead domed pellets out to 50 yards and beyond.  We’ve personally tested them and have found them to be amazingly accurate.  Not amazingly accurate for lead free pellets, just amazingly accurate period.

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