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AirgunWebTV 2017 (Episode 26) -  Hunting Boar with the Air Venturi 909 Light Hunter .45 - AirgunWebTV

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AirgunWebTV 2017 (Episode 26) - Hunting Boar with the 909 Light Hunter .45 Cal PCP at Boggy Creek Outfitters! - AirgunWebTV

We’re taking another trip to Boggy Creek Outfitters to hunt hogs. This time we’ll be shooting the Air Venturi 909 light hunter .45. It’s a beastly big bore with 500ccs of air and plenty of punch to get the job done. This time Aaron’s on the trigger for the hunt and I’ll walk you all through a short overview of the 909 itself. We hope you like it!

It really is a great time to be an Airgunner!

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