Evanix IBEX and MAX AIR – SHOT SHOW 2017

2017 SHOT SHOW Coverage - Evanix IBEX and MAX AIR - by AirgunWebTV

Please Scroll down for more information about the Evanix IBEX and MAX AIR.  It's a great time to be an airgunner!

SHOT SHOW 2017 Coverage is brought to you by AirgunWebTV and our supporters and sponsors.  In this episode we will take a look at a couple of new airgun concepts from Evanix, the IBEX and the MAX Air.  Evanix is often on the cutting edge of “cool” in the way of airgun design.  What’s more impressive, is they specialize in taking things to the max with their big bore abilities.  Here are a few new ideas from the folks at Evanix.  Please be sure to keep your eyes open for more SHOT SHOW coverage right here on AirgunWebTV!

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