Shooting 100 Yards With Hawke Frontier Scope!

Hawke Frontier Scope 5-30x50 SF with TMX Reticle on my BSA 1200 SE .22 / 100 Yard Shooting with AirgunWebTV

Please Scroll down for more information about the Hawke Frontier Scope with the TMX Reticle.  It's a great time to be an airgunner!

During my trip last year I had an extra day to sit out and do some shooting.  It was a great time to just get out and enjoy the South Carolina weather.  I setup with my BSA Scorpion 1200 SE .22 equipped with the Hawke Frontier 5-30x50 SF Scope with TMX Reticle, and some 18.13 JSB pellets. I wanted to get in some 100 yard tests while I had the chance and that’s exactly what I did!

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