AirgunWebTV Episode 14

AirgunWebTV 2016 Episode 7 – Gamo Coyote Whisper PCPs / Coyote vs Prairie Dogs No Contest!

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In 2015 Gamo hit the scene with their Coyote PCP.  Then they added their Whisper Fusion system cutting the sound to “mouse fart” quite, per Cecil’s description.  Are these serious PCPs or just entry level disposable airguns?  In short, these are serious, European made PCPs.  In fact, the Gamo Coyote is a version of the BSA Buccaneer.  With exceptional accuracy and a great balance between shot count and power, these may be the best option for new airgunners looking or their first PCP.

In this episode we’ll talk about their basic features and why we love them so much. We’ll also take them out for some serious pest abatement to help clear out prairie dogs at a local ranch.  Coyote vs Prairie Dogs… yeah.. it’s really no contest!

AirgunWebTV where we’re gonna test em, we’re gonna shoot em, and we’re gonna tell you all about em. It’s a great time to be an airgunner!

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