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AirgunWebTV 2016 Episode 11 – CO2 Airguns from Umarex USA! A Tribute to CO2 Airguns – Get your Fun ON!

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Umarex USA is arguably the most progressive creator of Replica Action Pistols in the world.  Everything from the Colt Single Action Army, to the Smith & Wesson M&P 40, to the Walther Lever Action 30/30 replica, they have something that resonates with every aspect of the shooting public.  One of the things all these airguns have in common is that they run on CO2.  CO2 is a great means of powering airguns, especially these replica action products.  It gives shooters the ability to fire true semi-auto and even full auto with great realism.  In this episode we’ll look at just a fraction of the great CO2 airgun options

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