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AirgunWebTV 2016 Episode 4 – Hatsan Gladius Bullpup Exhaustive Airgun Review!

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Hatsan hit the scene late in 2015 with their ground breaking BullPup the Hatsan Gladius.  They pulled out all the stops with features like multiple accessory rails, large air cylinder which delivers 50 to 60 shots per fill, 6 way power adjustability,  built in mag storge, sling studs, fully adjustable trigger, and the list keeps going.  More important was the consistent accuracy dished out by the Gladius.  It’s a rifle that can fit the need of just about every airgunner, whether shooting targets up close, or taking small and medium game out to 100 yards.  Moreover, the affordability of the Gladius sets it apart and ahead of nearly every other Bullpup airgun on the market.  In this episode we discuss this great product in depth and live up to our motto: “We’re going to test ‘em, We’re going to shooting ‘em, and We’re going to tell you all about ‘em.”  It’s a great time to be an airgunner.

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