AirgunWebTV is a labor of love for a few of us airgun guys based out of Lake Havasu City. I met Cecil back in 2014 and he was just getting back into the sport. Needless to say we hit it off and have been working together ever sense. Cecil has his own channel on youtube called Airgun Scout. His focus is into hunting and the nitty gritty about airguns. He’s posted some pretty cool stuff on how to built and customize various airguns and even some of his hunts.

As for myself, I’ve been working with airguns professionally since back in 2008. I’ve reviewed more airguns than I can remember at this point and I love bringing the “out of the box” experience to the viewers. My motto of “facts not fluff” will certainly carry over when we test and review products, but AirgunWebTV will have a bit of fluff too! Airguns are a lot of fun and sometimes you just need to cut loose!

Behind the scenes we have a crew with Ben from Idea Film Factory, and Arron (Arron the Barbarian) who works for Dog River Design, LLC. and helps on all things airguns, social media, general gopher, etc. All in, we’ve got a great group of folks that have committed to bringing you our very best we can to help promote airguns and educate folks on our wonderful sport.

When you think of airguns.. think AirgunWebTV where we’re gonna test ’em, we’re gonna shoot ’em, and we’re gonna tell you all about ’em. It’s a great time to be an airgunner!