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We've just launched our 2017 Season.  We've got some great airguns to share with you and some great new segments that are sure to inform and entertain.  Check out all our episodes by clicking on the Episodes link located in the top menu.

AirgunWebTV where we're gonna test 'em, we're gonna shoot 'em, and we're gonna tell you all about 'em. It's a great time to be an Airgunner!

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Welcome to our 2017 Season!  We are starting out with some great coverage from SHOT SHOW 2017.  Want to catch up on our 2016 Season?  Just click here to watch them ALL!

1/26/20172017 SHOT SHOW Coverage!
4/10/2017Season 2017 - (Episode 20) - Gamo Flips the Script!
5/6/2017Season 2017 - (Episode 21) - Gamo Squirrel Master Part 2
6/6/2017Season 2017 - (Episode 22) - Hunting Hogs with the Evanix IBEX
6/28/2017Season 2017 - (Episode 23) - Low cost PCPs!
7/25/2017Season 2017 - (Episode 24) - Walther MaximaThor
8/23/2017Season 2017 - (Episode 25) - Air Arms Galahad
9/27/2017Season 2017 - (Episode 26) - Air Venturi 909 Light Hunter

It's a great time to be an airgunner!

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