About AirgunWeb TV

AirgunWebTV is a TV-style 20 to 30 minute airgun show that will play on YouTube, Vimeo, and all my social media sites. We will also continue to build out our corresponding web presence (www.airgunwebtv.com) with content and links pointing back to our sponsors. The show will include discussions, hunting trips, reviews, a lot of shooting things and some new stuff for sure. We will air a 6 episode pilot series to start at the end of November and run weekly up close to SHOT Show 2016 where we hope to go and get a lot of really cool footage. The overall goal will be to highlight the breadth of the industry as a whole. The “big picture” plan will be to shoot 13 episodes in 2016.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. To create a space where all manufacturers and vendors can introduce their products and services to current and future airgunners. By keeping things open, we are able to preview, test, review, and use, basically anything that’s currently on the market. We believe that an open platform is critical for the education of new airgunners about all that the airgunning world has to offer. With this in mind, we must say a special THANK YOU to all of our sponsors that also see the importance of this concept.

With our unsurpassed flexibility, our hope is to cover products that will interest those just starting to dabble in the sport, as well as long timers, that are truly airgun aficionados. So stay with us here on AirgunWebTV where we’re gonna test ’em, we’re gonna shoot ’em, and we’re gonna tell you all about ’em! It’s a great time to be an airgunner!