Announcing the Fusion League – CO2 field target competition sponsored by Umarex USA and AirgunWebTV.

Fusion League - CO2 Field Target

Why “CO2” field target?

Friendly competition is a great way to have fun and keep things interesting. The field target discipline has been on the top of our list here at Havasu Airgunners. There were many things that were giving us pause however. Primarily we really want to encourage the widest possible participation and that generally means that it needs to have a very low entry cost. We also wanted to encourage younger shooters and other participants that may never consider shooting airguns competitively. Lastly, we really wanted a creative way to make it more about basic shooting skills and less about who had the most money to spend on their airgun and related accessories. We agonized on how to limit the field by capping the costs of the equipment in several various ways, but could never come up with a consensus of what would be practical.

Then one day it all came together: Create at CO2 Field Target League! CO2 airguns are
relatively inexpensive, as easy to shoot as PCP, and often as accurate at close range. This really solved all the issues in one simple restriction. This year at shot, while sitting round a table in the media room brainstorming, I had the idea of approaching Umarex USA about their Umarex Fusion and calling the competition the “Fusion League.” Well, needless to say the idea was well received and they are a major sponsor for this project. Below you’ll find the basic rules for the Fusion League. We may adjust them as we learn more about what works and what doesn’t work. We hope that folks enjoy the concept and maybe even start their own local Fusion Leagues. If you want help doing so, just drop us a note via the contact us page and we’ll be happy to lend a hand.

Fusion League CO2 Field Target Rules and Regulations:

Organizer rules:

  • No reducers on targets (Gamo / Remington brand / Umarex all permitted)
  • Targets can be placed from 7 to 30 yards
    • Venue permitting, 1 “tie breaker” target can be placed out to 35 yards
  • Forced Positions
    • “standing” position can be specified throughout the match with targets ranging from 7 to 12 yards. No shooting aids are permitted.
  • “Sitting” position can be specified at any target.
    • Use of sitting aid, i.e. shooting bucket, shooting seat, etc. can be used,
      provided it is practical for actual field use. Acceptability is at the
      discretion of the event organizers. “Clear your gear” beforehand if you
      have any questions.
    • Use of shooting sticks (monopod, bipod, and tripod shooting sticks) is
      permitted while in the sitting position.
  • “prone” position* can be specified at any target and will be clearly identified by a
    provided matt to be placed at the designated target lane. No shooting aids are

    • *If you are unable to shoot prone due to health or physical limitations,
      please notify the event organizers prior to your round and
      accommodations will be made for you.


  • Each target is worth 2 points
  • Shooters are allowed 2 shots per target
    • Knocking down the target with the first shot equals 2 points
    • Knocking down the target with the second shot after an initial miss equals 1 point

Shooter / Equipment Rules:

  • Airgun equipment limitations and/or requirements
    • Umarex Fusion CO2 powered airguns only
      • No modifications permitted. Guns must be straight stock rifles.
    • No magnified optics are permitted. No devices projecting a laser onto the targets can be used. Unmagnified, “red dot” style sights only.
  • Ammunition
    • Lead or lead free domed / wadcutters pellets are permitted
      No hardened pointed pellets are allowed
  • Shooting Aids
    • Shooters may use the following aids when not in a forced position.
      • Bi-pod
      • Monopod
      • Shooting Sticks
      • Shooting “bucket”

The point of CO2 Field target is to create a very low cost of entry into the field target discipline. It should mimic typical hunting situations for the shooter.