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AirgunWebTV 2016 Episode 2 – Shot Show 2016 Top 10 Part 2 and My First Airgun

Saddle up and get ready as we look at our top 5 picks from SHOT SHOW 2016.  We think the choices may surprise you!  There was certainly something for everyone, airgunner or not, at this last SHOT SHOW.  We were not able to show everything, but we were able to get to a lot of it.  Be sure to check out our full Shot Show 2016 coverage on youtube for all the highlights.  Also in this episode is a new segment called “My First Airgun.” This is where we look at some great options for those just getting started in the sport.  There are many good options so stay tuned throughout the season as we take a look at a few.  So join us here on AirgunWebTV where we’re gonna test em, we’re gonna shoot em, and we’re gonna tell you all about em. It’s a great time to be an airgunner!

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My First Airgun
AirgunWebTV Shot Show Top 10
Hatsan BullBoss
ATN Smart Optics
Gamo Coyote Whisper
Evanix REX Airguns
Air Arms Galahad
Hatsan Hercules
My First Airgun!
Umarex Fuel
Umarex Fuel
Umarex Fuel
Umarex Fuel
AirgunWebTV Episode 2 2016

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